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I decided to change my main user name, and deleted the old one, added a new one and moved my documents a cordingly. Now my permissions are all screwed up. Some things that should be root aren't and some things that should belong to users belong to root. I have no wayh of knowing which are which.

At one time I couldn't run classic at all until I screwed with certain files from root and then reran the installer. Even the installer couldn't be run except from root. Right now I can't change certain preferences except when I'm logged in as root. I can't change the time and date!

Is there a utility that corrects permissions? Also, which preference file stores the date and time setting?

Thanks for the help.


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    alfredhalfredh Posts: 29member
    I ssume this is all on OS X.

    You can always chown from the Command line.

    typing in

    man chown

    from the command line should explain the command more.

    Basically login to you machine under your normal user. Open a terminal window.

    type in pwd to see the current directory and is should be /Users/username

    type in id and note the uid and gid (ignore the group).

    type in chown -HR uid:gid /Users/username

    uid & gid taken from the fields from the id command.

    This will change the owner and group recursivly on all files and directorys.

    Don't do it on anything but your users home dir as it could have severe consequenses.
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