Can Apple sell SD-RAM towers when DDR laptops are available everywhere?

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I know all about the differences between the Intel, AMD and G4 chips. I know that mhz for mhz the G4 does well for specific apps and also performs faster clock for clock than Intel offerings. However even if I were a complete Apple apologist I have to admit that the bandwidth available due to SD-RAM is not the same as for DDR-RAM.

We can all argue over who should be responsible for adding what feature (Does G4 support DDR, is it Apple's fault motherboards are behind or Motorola's...etc.)but the point really is this. Can Apple continue to sell a meaningful number of machines in the onslaught of not only megahertz madness but also lack of DDR, second drive bay, and a substancial price premium?

The [email protected] with a 15 inch LCD display has the following specs for $2599

256MB SDRAM - 1 DIMM 065-3342

Apple Pro Keyboard - U.S. English 065-3160

Accessory kit 065-3332

Mac OS - U.S. English 065-3333

933MHz PowerPC G4 065-3426

56K internal modem 065-3080

CD-RW drive 065-3371

60GB Ultra ATA drive 065-3336

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX dual (64meg DDR-RAM)

Dell is selling laptops Inspiron 8200(NOT DESKTOPS) with

[email protected] ghz

256 megs DDR-RAM

Quicken 2002

40 gig HD (They don't offer 60 gig laptop drive)

cdr/dvd combo drive

64MB DDR 4XAGP NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go? 3D Video

Microsoft®Works Suite 2002 with Money 2002

56k modem

10/100 network intergrated

1394 port

display is 15 in LCDw/1600x1200

Win XP professional


In case you didn't notice that means that the laptop is less than the desktop. Many of Apple's former advantages over the PC side have disappeared as well. Most laptops come with networking built in and now even with firewire built in. The laptop will drive dual displays if youcount the internal lcd. This machine comes with BETTER specs than the Mac on processor speed, ram, combo drive, and software.

How long can Apple survive in an environment like this? I mean when the desktops can't compete with PC laptops then things are really pretty bad. To top it off Apple has even killed any speculation of catching up by confirming that there will be little in the way of upgrades for at least a few months.

Something has got to give... OS X is kickass, the iApps obviously help sell machines, but I mean will it overcome hardware as lopsided as this?



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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member
    must admit... Apple's hardware is getting pretty sad.

    with the exception of the iMac, everyithing is no where near competitive price/performance wise.

    maybe the iBook, but it seriously needs a g4 and a radeon.
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    This is Future Hardware?

    Forgive me if I don't see the point.
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