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Well this is my first Mac, and I just got my New iMac yesterday and when I registered everything at startup I put my real name for the root user, so I didn't like that after I started fiddling around. So today I found the Users part in the System Pref and made a new name that I wanted with Admin Privileges and then deleted my other one I created during registration. But the thing is now when I login it says '*My Real Name's* Computer'. So I don't think I have root privileges anymore... Sense I delete my other account. What should I do? Sorry for posting such a question. It's my fault for my stupidity.

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    The first account that is created does have admin privs.

    If you created a second account with admin privs and deleted the first all should be okay.

    The root account is still there (DONT delete this). Your probably can't see it unless you go into netinfo etc.

    Don't know where the hostname is comming from though. Try /etc/hostconfig.

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    Thank You. I won't worry about the part with My Name. It doesn't really bother me. Thanks again

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    Don't worry about root users or whatever. You generally DO NOT want to use root. Mac OS X adds an abstraction to the concept of a root user called the "administrator" user. Root is disabled by default so users can't accidentally screw up their system. To enable admin privileges, simply go to the System Preferences Users pane, edit a user, and under the Password tab, select the check box for "Allow user to administer this computer." You can have multiple admins, but they are all treated as separate, equal users. None of them have root read/write access to the entire drive; that would throw out the entire security structure. However, if you are a comfortable *nix user insistent on having access everywhere, you can use the "sudo -s" command in the terminal to get a root prompt.

    Just remember, admin != root.

    If you ever think you need to reset any of your passwords, simply boot up from the Mac OS X Install CD (hold the 'c' key upon boot) and choose "Reset Passsword" from the Installer menu. From there you can enter a new password for any user.

    Anyway, the phrase that is shown at login (by default the "my name's computer") can be changed rather easily in the System Preferences in the Sharing pane. This part really has nothing to do with root users, admins, and whatnot. You just need to be an admin to be a allowed to change it.
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