in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Ticking Ticking. Working on a trusty old PowerCenter Pro 180 in the casa. Sony VAIOs and a G4 867 in town. Doing the dodge. Reading about DDR and bus speeds and SPEC reports. Spinning on render times. Creating new designs, talking to clients about the weather and nuclear policy and Robert Altman. Back in touch with Linotype. Ticking, ticking. Good hardware out there at Apple. Some say long in the tooth, but still great stuff. Waiting on even better. Maya. Lightwave. Hardware? Hardware?

Meanwhile, Edward de Vere is working for Apple's ad department, sending out hi-fi glossies and textuals. He sits up late over sushi with the iAps designers, flies to Chicago and claps his white English gloves as Motorola engineers emerge. You can do it, guys. You can do it.

A girl needs to Think Different while she's waiting....

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