Illegal Instruction

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
When I got my new iBook last summer, shortly after, it crashed. When I rebooted, just after the extentions loaded I got the system "bomb" error saying "Illegal Instruction". Subsequently, even if I restart holding down the shift key, it has the same error. The only thing I can do is reinstall the system. After doing that, after about two days the computer would just repeat the problem. I asked a guy and he told me to reformat and leave a megabyte of free unpartitioned space. I did this and my problem was solved (reformatting normally hadn't solved the problem).

Just two days ago, I encountered the same problem with my old rev b iMac. It froze and since I didn't have a paper clip around I pulled the power plug. Next time I restart I had the problem. OS X though still works.

Does anyone know what this all about?
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