Can I use a Camcorder to backup data?

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Hi all,

again, all in the title. I have a digital camcorder, Canon MV450i, attached to the Mac with firewire. Surely it would be possible to use it to create backups?

Any ideas anybody?


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    Huh??? :confused:

    To backup what? Video or actual data? I suppose it would be possible to encode data into a video stream, but I would certainly not trust the integrity of a regular video cam tape.
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    sorry, should have been clear. Yes, to backup data.

    Why wouldn't you trust the integity of a camcorder? Surely the reliability of recording (or file transfer?) should be enough for backing up photos, documents and spreadsheets? or am I missing something?


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    low-filow-fi Posts: 357member
    IIRC, this has been done a while back. It was *really* interesting to read the UNIX script through, and it used iMovie to output the data.

    It worked well, and data integrity was pretty good.

    I'll do a google search, but it was AGES ago that i read about this. might have it too.

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    bluesignsbluesigns Posts: 315member
    i looked for the link but couldn't find it;

    there is a working group that is trying to standardize a proceedure for backing up data to mini-DV tapes.

    i'll look again on my othere machine later.

    i would be more than happy to have that functionality.

    you would think that the camera manufacturers would be doing something about it to try and sell the device as a removeable storage device.
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