IPhone Music Problem...

in iPhone edited January 2014
I'm using the Verizon Iphone, and generally love it. I recently encountered some odd music problems and hope someone can help me. As a former radio guy, I have a lot of music that I collected through the years. Some of this music is from compilation cds the record labels had sent me. Never had a problem until now. It seems that although the music shows up on Itunes properly, they don't all show up on my phone properly. Somehow the cd name shows up where the artist name should be. This only happens with about a dozen songs, but it's annoying. Again, they show up on Itunes fine, but on the phone, no. Further, I don't know of a way to manually change these problems on my phone. Since this is always asked, yes, all the music is legal, so there isn't any copyright issues. Any help would be appreciated!


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    i have this issue as well did you try erasing and re-syncing the songs?And double check and make sure the music is in itunes correctly
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