iTunes match issue on iPhone 4S

in iPhone edited January 2014
For some reason some of my songs in itunes that say matched are not showing up on my music app on my 4S any reason why?


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    Apple setup iTunes Match on its iOS devices so that you have to manually sync music through that. See a playlist that you like (so long as it is compatible with iTunes Match)? Download it to your device. The same thing goes for songs and music videos. By using iTunes Match on an iOS device, you have to give up the ability to sync content to said device using iTunes on your computer. The whole thing is backwards and I don't know why Apple implemented it that way. It seems like a really big waste of a service that could have been nice. The funny thing is that, for whatever reason, I was able to sync music and music video content to my iPad 2 using iTunes and still view my iTunes Match library without issues. The Music app on my iPad would simply put the small iCloud icon over anything that wasn't stored in the iPod's built-in storage. It worked that way for a few days until something happened (I don't know what) with my iPad. I was in its settings connecting to a new wi-fi network. I was greeted with a warning after making the connection with the new wi-fi network. It said that all of my iPad's audio content would be erased and synced up with my iCloud account if iTunes Match was enabled.

    So I had the good life for a little bit of time, that is how iTunes Match should work but it doesn't and there isn't anything that can be done. You either have to sync audio and music video content with your computer or manually through iTunes Match, you can't have both on an iOS device.
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