NetInfo, MS Office X, and kernel panics

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We have an OS X server, and we are using Netinfo to allow people to log in remotely via a number of TiBooks spread throughout the lab. We recently installed MS Office X locally on each TiBook. Very frequently (I'd guess 50% of the time), when someone runs Word or Excel and then quits, a kernel panic occurs following the next couple of tasks someone performs (i.e. launches another app, logs out, etc.). This occurs on all TiBooks, although it doesn't seem to happen when logging in locally to the TiBooks, only when logging into an account on the server. Hence, my subject line...

Anyone else had this experience? Any thoughts on why this is happening?

I was a little annoyed that I had to type my administrator password when installing Office X guessing that it would allow MS to put stuff where it could mess things up...

P.S. I happen to work in a very Mac-hostile environment, and this whole situation has made it difficult for me to justify the boasts of how "crash-proof" OS X is. Please, help me fight the good fight!


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    chucksterchuckster Posts: 56member
    Nobody has a clue on this one?
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    iq78iq78 Posts: 256member
    [quote]Originally posted by chuckster:

    <strong>Nobody has a clue on this one?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I haven't a clue. Have you tried other resources? I don't see much traffic here for help. I've found Apple's discussion board very helpful with lots of traffic.
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