How to restore iPhone 4S from backup on windows?

in iPhone edited January 2014
So I just traded my bold 9900 for a new iPhone 4S (thank god I got rid of that bb) and I'm setting it up through iTunes right now.

I had an iPhone 4 a couple of months ago that I backed up knowing I'd probably have another iPhone in the future. Well now I first set up the 4S as a new phone (heard it was recommended to do this first) and now I want to restore from backup but am now exactly sure how.

I'm on Windows XP btw, and I shift clicked Restore and went through My Computer-> C: Drive -> Documents and Settings -> <My name> -> Application Data -> Apple Computer -> Mobile Sync -> Backup

Then there's 3 folders with names with a bunch of random letters and numbers which I assumed were folders with the backups but there's nothing in them.

Any idea what to do next?
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