So should I start saving up for a new iMac now?

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Seeing the requirements for Extreme Quartz in Jaguar, I notice that my humble iMac (specs in sig) isn't supported.

I'm not mad about this. My machine is nearly a year and a half old and in this time of OS and iMac upheaval, I'm not surprised that Apple is finally putting something into OS X that my machine just plain won't support. I'm running X right now, and I have no complaints. Fast enough for me, and incredibly stable.

I'm no power user: I use my computer for checking e-mail, instant messaging, surfing the Internet, downloading music and video, playing The Sims, and managing my digital photo collection with iPhoto. Basically, the iMac is geared toward users like me.

But I do place a high value on speed, and it pains me when my computer starts to suffer from a big speed gap compared to other things out there. I have a classic case of "Keeping up with the Joneses" syndrome.

So, should I start saving my money for a flat-panel iMac? Other related questions are: Will my present iMac get at least some speed improvements out of Jaguar? Will I be missing out on that much if I keep doing what I do on my present machine? How dramatic will the speed difference be after Jaguar comes out?

Another consideration: I'm a tall guy, and looking down on that squat little iMac is starting to bug my shoulders. Everytime they hurt, I just long for that adjustable, floating LCD.

All comments are much appreciated.


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    xaqtlyxaqtly Posts: 450member
    Yes, save money and get a new iMac. The difference in how OS X runs on a Graphite iMac and a Flat Panel iMac is pretty much night and day. Also, the monitor on the new iMac is just a work of art. For one thing it's over an inch larger than your current iMac (viewable area), but it's also fully digital and so, so clear and sharp... it's just gorgeous.

    And it sounds as if Jaguar will make a huge difference in responsiveness on Macs that have the required video hardware. Of course I can't answer that for sure yet, I haven't tried Jaguar. But it the new Quartz really runs throught the GeForce chip, it's going to make a massive difference in responsiveness.

    I just got a new iMac at work about a week ago. I can't shut up about it, it's such a great little machine. No it's not as fast as a dual 1 GHz G4, but it's much faster than the B&W G3 I was using. Also, the DVD-R drive is just killer... I've been burning DVDs left and right, haha. And one of the first things I did with it was pop in The Matrix DVD... and holy crap what a sharp picture. Perfectly smooth, and although the screen is sort of small, you can move it right in front of your face and you forget it's so small. And no eyestrain...

    Well like I said I can't shut up about it. So there's my endorsement... the new iMac is better in every conceivable way than the old iMac, and that G4 chip along with the GeForce makes a big difference in basic usability in OS X, not to mention iMovie, iPhoto (nice and smooth) and iDVD.
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