External Monitor with Slot Load iMac

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Hi, I have a question or two about adding a second monitor to my slot loading G3 iMac (500Mhz) I'm considering purchasing a nice Sony 17inch External monitor for my it

I know it's easy to add a monitor to the VGA port at the back but i'm wondering if I can somehow get the ATI graphics card (16mb) to display a higher resolution than 1024x768 - Surely it's capable.

I understand that it just mirrors the internal display, and since the internal display wont run higher than 1024x768 you'd somehow have to disable the internal monitor to run higher.

If I add a monitor will I have the option to set the resolution higher with utilites such as 'switch res'? Would that automatically switch off the internal display or would I need to open the iMac up and unplug it?

Last question is... is 1024x768 an acceptable resolution for a 17inch monitor if I do end up being stuck with that?

Any help or comments appreciated. Has anyone ever tried or managed to do this?



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    scott2scott2 Posts: 39member
    I also have a slot loading iMac and have not been able to get higher resolutions, but then again have not really tried that hard to get there.

    I also have a 17" monitor on a beige mac: 1280x1024 is nice for surfing, but text is a bit too small for my old eyes over extended periods. 1600x1200 is out of the question.

    I would suggest that if you are going to use the 17" screen mainly for reading and word processing then it is not worth the trouble. If you can get the iMac to give you higher resolutions and if you have other requirements (retouching photos, ...) then it may be worth the investment.

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