Negative Concepts On Iphone 4S

in iPhone edited January 2014
Though the iPhone 4S has been officially released, yet there was not much media coverage on this phone because of the unfortunate death of Steve Jobs. However, there are still issues to be found out whether the phone has sufficient reasons enough to make a good sales record. Right from the time of its launch, the phone and the company, Apple has faced huge issues of criticism from different consumer and retailer markets. The craze that was found among the people before the launch of the product was however absent right after the launch of the phone. There are of course several issues and reasons leading to the building of the concept of negative points around this new version of phone from Apple.

Along with being a dual core iphone, there are also large numbers of features that are available in the iPhone 4S. Irrespective of this, the phone acquired lots of criticism and negative concepts surrounding several issues. As per the latest reports are concerned, though there are several advanced features available in the phone, yet these are not much earthshaking or surprising. With wide varieties of devices available in the market currently from different companies, it is indeed not surprising to find out a new product like 4S.

There are issues in relation to the clarity of contrast with a yellow tint. Though there are many people who are infatuated with the features, but the same time, there are also many people who are worried about the negative issues. It is these complaints that are pushing people back in buying the iPhone 4S. There are complaints regarding Siri, which is an important feature of the phone. There are often complaints that this particular feature is not always functional. It often picks up outside levels of noise. This is clearly understandable when there is music in the background.

As far as the mild grips are concerned, there are some people who have complained that the 3.5 inch display of iPhone 4S is not much satisfactory. There are also many people who are of the opinion that the Titan from HTC has a display of 4.7 inch, which is certainly great. There is also not much difference in casing from that of iphone 4 due to which it clearly gives an indication to the fact that people have expressed that they are using the same version of the phone. Though these are considered to be pretty minor issues, yet these become huge when they are compared with the other devices that are available in the market.

A new phone should always give a feeling of newness. This is however, not the case with iPhone 4S. Irrespective of introduction of some new features in the phone, it does not create a spirit of newness. Moreover, the huge price range is also a big factor that is making people simply turn away from buying such a phone. As per the expectation, the sales record did not reached its peaks and this is certainly a great point of disappointment.


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