OS9 is Dead-- On iBook

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My friend's iBook 500/66bus/128RAM/dual usb/fall 2001 came with OS 9 and OS X. However, it cannot startup from OS 9. I remember it came with 9.1 if that's possible (am I correct?). Well, non of the OS 9.1 cds that it came with can start up the computer. OS X runs well, slowly, but works. After a crash, we clean installed X on it because the complete system restore cds start up with 9, and therefore can't complete startup. Is there any way to get Classic onto it? (Seems to me to install Classic you need to startup in 9) Or is there a way to startup on a MacOS 9 cd if needed? I just need to know if it's something with the hardware or if 9.2.1 solves these problems.


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    I can't imagine what but it sounds like a hardware problem. The iBook may have also come with a diagnostic CD. If you have it, try it.

    Just for the heck of it, try clearing the PRAM then try to install OS 9 again.

    To do this restart the iBook, hold down the Command, Option, P and R keys simultaneously while it restarts. Keep pressing these keys till you hear three of the start up chimes then release.

    I would also initialize the disk. At this point it sounds like there is nothing valuable there and this is a cheap way to start from a clean slate.
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