Iphone 4s constantly downloading cellular data!!

in iPhone edited January 2014
Okay so since the 24th of november i noticed a massive increase of data usage on my phone which in turn decreases my battery life dramatically. (with data

I asked my service provider o2 uk to see why this was they told me it must me me downloading or an app running in the background i assured them not. They said they will run a test on the network to find a fault, they found nothing.

Apple switched the phone with a brand new one and it still has the same problem.

Running 5.0.2


I have deleted all apps off the phone

i have deleted all mail accounts

Siri is switched off

Diagnostics and usage is set to do not send

No Notifications running

no location services

no iCloud

I've reordered a video to show the problem

If anyone has any ideas let me know thanks

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