Second firewire port doesn't work with iPod

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm having a problem where the first firewire port (the one on the left when I'm facing the front of the machine) works perfectly with my iPod while the one on the right does not. When I plug into the right port the finder usally starts "restarting" after the itunes pointer spins for quite a while. Sometimes the iMac gets as far as mounting a harddisk icon on the desktop (instead of the iPod icon) but the iPod take forever to read off of (if it can be read at all).

I gave Apple a call and they finally diagnosed it as a logic board problem (although the hardware tests from the diagnostic disc showed nothing). That sounded likely to me as well and I was ready to take it for service.

By coincidence I was talking to a friend tonight in IM and out of the blue he said to me "my other firewire port isn't working with my iPod". We took the conversation a little further and he has exactly the same symptoms. Hmmmm. Our machines where bought at totally different places at least a month apart, so its not likely this is from some bad batch of logic boards.

Any ideas? This is now sounding like something other than hardware to me.


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