Problems emptying trash

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Every time I try and emoty the trash, I get an error message saying "The opperation cannot be completed becasue one or more of the required items cannot be found (error code -43)"

It is an .mp3 file, and I did a Sherlock search for it and it isn't found anywhere on my disk. Every time I want to empty the trash this happens, and if I open the trash and click on the icon it just disapears but I still get the error message. Is there a way to get rid of this annoyance?


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    ghost_user_nameghost_user_name Posts: 22,667member
    Ah, sounds like a directory structure problem.

    Have you rebooted and fscked your disk lately?
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    jutusjutus Posts: 272member
    Boot off your OS X install CD, when the first screen comes up, run Disk Utility (from the Application menu). Run Disk First Aid (select the *volume* not the drive, and check the drive).

    To get rid of the file.. try doing a:

    sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/*

    from the terminal. You'll need to enter your admin pw.
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