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Starfleet X,

I know you use Brickhouse so maybe you can help me. I'm trying to play Return to Castle Wolfenstein online but Brickhouse is blocking me. Since one of your other messages suggests that you have RtCW, can you help me create a filter in Brickhouse to allow RtCW to be played?

Also, how do I post a picture of my firewall log in these forums. I saved a .tiff using Grab but couldn't figure out how to insert it into a post. Thanks.


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    Well, to post an image, you first need to upload it to a web server (many people here use iDisk). Then, use the following syntax, but replace the {'s and }'s with ['s and ]'s.


    Furthermore, I don't suggest posting a TIFF. It's much preferable to use GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

    That said, let's get to work on Brickhouse!

    Here's the easiest method, IMO.

    Launch BrickHouse. Click the padlock to allow changes. Press command-5 to show the Log window. Either click the clock "Enable" button or choose "Enable Logging" from the Options menu.

    Next, go launch Wolfenstein and attempt to connect to a server. Note the time when you attempt to connect. Quit Wolf.

    Immediately go back to BrickHouse and click the "Refresh" button in the "Daily Firewall Log" window (which should still be open if you didn't close it). You should see a new entry in the list at the time you attempted to connect to a server. If you don't, then your problem lies somewhere other then the firewall and I probably can't help you. If it is listed, however, then take note of the protocol and the number in parenthesis under the "Destination" for the entry.

    Now, return to the Configuration window with the list of rules. Click add filter. Set action to Allow. Set service to custom (and then you can enter a custom name). Set protocol to what you found in the log and port to the number that was in parenthesis. Set the source to My Computer and destination to The Internet. This should allow you to connect to other games but not host them. If you want to be able to host, then use "Other..." for both and leave the Host IP and any. Click OK and drag the new rule to the top of the list.

    Click save, apply, and install. Run Wolf and let us know if it works!
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    Starfleet X,

    Thanks! I did all that and after some experimentation I got RtCW to work through Brickhouse. I used the following:


    Port 123 UDP

    Port 80 TCP

    Port 27960 UDP

    Source: any

    Destination: Internet

    I tried "Source: My Computer" but this didn't work. Not sure why.

    Also, I believe that Port 27960 UDP is the same port that Quake 3 uses.


    Now I'll try that iDisk thing, but I may have to wait until 10.1.5 since iDisk is so annoyingly slow.
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