lombard: battery doesn't charge anymore

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today I was going to sell my lombard to replace it with the 800 TiBook. And that's the day when the computer stops recharging the battery.

Computer works fine, when plugged in and on battery, but the battery just won't charge anymore.

I'm pretty sure it's the computer since:

-resetting power manager didn't help

-zapping pram didn't help

-Apple's battery reset utility didn't help

-other known-good power adapter didn't charge the battery either

-other known-good battery didn't charge in my computer

And this occurs on both the left and right expansion bay.

So: I walk to the next mac-repair shop and they tell me it's going to cost me +500$ to fix this.

Does this make sense?

For all I know it's just a bad electrical contact somewhere which i might as well fix myself.

I really don't feel like coughing up 500$ to sell the computer a week later for (maybe) 1000$

any suggestions?

anyone had this before? (since it seems to be happening to more of these comps)




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    That equates to around £300-£350 hmm bit steep considering the age of the machine.

    £100 labour tops and £100-150 parts.

    Total £250 tops.

    Seems like youv'e covered every angle except insurance?

    Did you drop your machine will moving it from your dinning room to your study?

    Get three quotes and do an average price and go for it if you want or get a quote saying its beyond economical repair!

    If you get my drift?

    Maybe this is for you or maybe its not...

    but to be honest you could pay for the repair and something else could go wrong!!!

    Weigh up the pro's and con's first before you snap at your decision.

    Hope this of use.
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