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hi. please don't beat me up for asking this. lol. i have been using my little imac 333 for the last couple of years, and it's be "adequate". i've enjoyed it for what it is.

however, i am now gradually getting deeper into "design" (graphic/print) and will be needing a laptop mostly b/c of the portability and school purposes. i am considering a peecee laptop simply b/c of the amount of power/flexibilty i am finding for the matching price points of the 667 pb, and even less $ actually. i'm not a windows hater like some. i actually think xp is a decent/much improved os now. (i'm not hip to all the pros and cons of each ie osx v. win xp)

if someone would'nt mind explaining to me the advantages/disadvantages of both i would be grateful.

i guess one of my biggest concerns is that i'll need this laptop to be as compatible as possible for as long as possible, and it just seems as though apple is on the verge of doing something that will continuely get better, but if you buy now, that your machine will be almost completely obsolete as far as being "optimised" for their ever developing os, and i'd be stuck almost having to buy new equipment? my only example would be quartz extreme needing 32mb to be fully optimal and yet the "newly revised" ibook only offering 16??? so what happens a year from now when something else requires even more from another component? seems as though your ibook is hardly able to keep up? please forgive my ignorance, i'm just going off of what i learn here on these boards.

so would it be worth going for the tibook in terms of longevity and it's abilty to optimally run it's own os? i'm no yuppie with excess money, so dropping $2700-$3000 is a HUGE issue for me and i just want to make a decision with confidence that i won't regret buying apple only for the "cool" factor and realise it's os is subpar. thanks for your imput!


i'm not worried so much about what makes me feel most "creative". to me, it's just a tool.


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    First , the quality of the Apple laptop are recocnized everywhere even in the generalist PC review (it's not the case for the desktops or the Imac). The PPC chip is a perfect low consumption chip.

    The video section of both the tibook and new i book are at the top in their different categories : you will never find better in the PC laptop, worse some of them have very crappy video chipset.

    The 16 MB of video will be sufficiant for the quartz acceleration of Jaguar, because the resolution of the screen is limited to 1024 per 768. The resolution of the Tibook is bigger so it needs more video ram.

    If you are a photoshop user the tibook will be perfect. Concerning benchmarks i think that the new tibook with the L3 cache is near a celeron 1 ghz, but is much better each time you use altivec. The ibook 700 is very near but is not altivec optimized : so if you are essentially a photoshop user ...

    The autonomy of the Apple laptop are better to any PC laptop due to their "embedded" chip.

    The case design of the Tibook is one of the best and more hight tech avalaible.

    Last of all, if in some years you sell a mac laptop you will sell it at a higher prize than any PC laptop.

    for the os window XP, is the better windows os ever released, but the next revision of os X jaguar will be the absolute reference. There is less viruses on mac, and mac are more protected against attack via the web in order to take control of your computer.

    the advantage of the PC is that they are slighty more performant , but the difference of performance is less important than the desktop line. Concerning the video section , the radeon mobility chip are the best : so you will not find better in the PC market.

    The PC are not cheaper in the Laptop market contrary to the Desktop market. Some PC are even more expansive than the tibook.

    Have a good choice
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