bad experience on NYC APPLE STORE 5

in General Discussion edited January 2014
Bad day on apple store of 5th AVE OF NYC.I COME WITH MY AUNT TO APPLE STORE TODAY AND WANT TO ADD 2 LINE FOR EXISTING ATT ACCOUNT, SHE WAS ACCOUNT HOLDER FOR ATT ACCOUNT, HOWEVER, THE MANAGER NAMED CLAUDIO MASELLI TOLD HER (my aunt cant understand English), SHE CANT ADD 2 LINES UNLESS SHE COME WITH OTHER 2 PEOPLE WHO HAVE ID. I EXPLAINT TO the MANAGER : MY AUNT IS ACCOUNT HOLDER, SHE HAS RIGHT TO ADD 2 LINES TO HER ACCOUNT, AND WE CALL ATT COMPANY BEFORE WE CAME TO THE STORE, HOWEVER, the manager said apple have different policy with att( I have agreed this ),account holders cant add 2 more line to their account if that?s no two other people come with account holder (I totally not agree this, because account holder have right to add up to 5 lines if credit is good). So I told him that?s not make any sense. THE MANAGER THINK I SPEAK TO MUCH, he told me to shut up. I FELT I HAVE BEEN DESCRIMINATED. SO I CALL 311 AND FOLLOW HIM FOR 30 SECOND during that phone call because I want to write down his name, HE WAS UNHAPPY, AND CALL SECURITY MAN LET ME LEAVE OUT OF THIS APPLE STORE, THE REASON HE GIVE TO ME IS ? APPLE STORE IS PRIVATE PLACE, PEOPLE CANT BE STAY FOR 20MIN? I WAS BEEN KICK OUT OF APPLE STORE BECAUSE I JUST MAKE that MANAGER UNHAPPY AND I DIDN?T DO ANYTHING WRONG FOR APPLE STORE. I am very very disappoint today because apple hired those impolite people worked on the best company on the world.
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