OS9.2 partition crashes whenever either a window opens too abruptly or

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OS9.2 partition crashes whenever either a window opens too abruptly or when I try to change the monitor settings and any control panel.

I have OS9.2.2 on a partition (I usually use OS9.1) which I use with OSX, and I am trying to see if my firewire out problem (see other thread here) will still happen when I boot from this partition.

The problem is is that everytime I open a window to get to Quicktime (which I need to do so I can put in my upgrade to pro#) it freezes up.. I can get maybe a few windows open but definitley I am walking on eggshells. I thought it might have to do with my two monitors and perhaps due to not having a driver installed on this HD for the second one... but I turned it off (even unplugged it) and rebuilt the desktop with one monitor, and still crashola . . . the monitor is set at something like 640X480...(never did set it cause I just use this partition in OSX) so I figured maybe the setting is causing it to screw up . . .(not matching all the other desktop files or something..(I don't know what Im talkin about)) (besides I don't think the my main HD has a driver either)

anyway when I try to open the Monitor Control Panel I'm guaranteed a crash

can I change the monitor settings without openning the control panel?

and any ideas why OS9.2 is so screwed up, where 9.1 is so stable? . .

. it cashed even with all of the extensions off so I don't think conflict is the answer....
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