External SCSI hard drive problem

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I have a WallStreet PowerBook with the tiny 2 GB internal drive, so I got an IBM 3.5" 4.26 GB SCSI hard drive to store my MP3's on. I put it in an external powered SCSI case and I use a 25 pin cable with a Centronics 50 adapter on one end to connect it to my computer. It's worked fine for over a month, but recently it hasn't worked anymore. It has been out of the case for a while because I had to use the case to power a HD for my Quadra, but I put everything back in just right, and I took the HD back out of the case completely and put it back in to make sure all the connections are good. Power is getting to the case because the light turns on, and the HD wasn't wrecked by static or magnets or anything because if it was, it would be corrupt, not completely dead. Instead, it refuses to spin up when I turn on the case, and my computer can't see it. I would like some help since I don't want to have to buy a new HD, but at least I have escapePod software so I can move all my MP3s back to my HD from my iPod instead of having to encode everything over again.

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    Nevermind, I fixed it. It turns out my brother changed the jumper setting by accident, because he saw the jumper and thought it was a little piece of loose plastic. When he pulled on it, it came off, so he put it back where he thought it belonged. He just moved it over a couple and, by trial and error, we fixed it.
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