Oh, mama... Get ready for some CarrierIQ truth

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The FBI provides a non-denial denial regarding CarrierIQ.



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,436moderator
    It will certainly be interesting to see if it's because they've used Carrier IQ software for law enforcement or if it's because Carrier IQ is under investigation. Carrier IQ claim they don't track keystrokes and 'only' upload about 200k of diagnostic data every 24 hours but the videos clearly show keylogging going on (Eric Schmidt seems to agree) and that isn't due to the debug mode that carriers haven't disabled sending plain text to log files. 200kB of plain text every 24 hours is also quite a lot of data.

    Even if this issue blows over, I reckon a lot of people will feel a lot less secure with their open operating system being deployed by untrustworthy people. Even just buying a used Android phone, you wouldn't know if someone had installed a keylogger of their own, tracking all your secure logins.

    I guess the only way to stop this once and for all is to bring in legislation that forces anyone deploying systems like these to openly declare what data they are tracking and sending. I personally don't mind diagnostic data being send on request like when a Mac app crashes but not doing daily communication that includes keypresses without so much as a suggestion it's going on.
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    Have they test the iPhone thoroughly for such behavior? Privacy concerns are forcing me to reconsider the ridiculously priced iPhone again in India (25% more expensive than the price in the US).
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