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hey, just wondering if any of you guys wonder sometimes:::

i'm thinking about getting myself airport, but the only thing that's worrying me a bit is these radiation issues you hear about from time to time. I mean: i'm livng here in this small appartment with my grlfriend, having two cell phones, a cordless phone, wireless headset, staring into a CRT for +8 hours a day and now maybe an additional airport station. And then probably in another few months we're going to 'have' to use bluetooth connections for my mouse and whatever...

This airport would be convenient ofcourse but sometimes i really wonder... is it all healty?

what do you think?



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    [quote]Homer Simpson:

    <strong>I hope I didn't brain my damage. </strong><hr></blockquote>

    Radiation? Well technically speaking there is radiation, but it is extremely small amounts. If you activate a 1000 watt microwave with the door open, look out, but a little Airport card is OK. And the "cell phone scare" is just to be politically correct. A battery powered omni-directional microwave doesn't have the power to mess you up.

    Just make sure you don't use your laptop on your lap. Who knows what will happen in 10 years....

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