iPod R.I.P.

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Ok i just got a 10 GB iPod for graduation. i charge it, load my contact and my music. it works great. i go to sleep with my sleep list on its fine. i wake up and its fine. after listening for a bit i turn it off to listen to my mom talk and etc. i try to turn it back on and nothing. i checked the hold button and still nothing. i even plugged into the wall, not even the charging symbol came up like when it was new and dead. i tried the omputer and mothing there either. i checked with headphones to see if the lcd had just gone bad but nothing there either. any help is apreciated.


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    Have you tried the "hard reset" or whatever it's called..where you hold down both the Menu and Play/Pause buttons for a few seconds? Try that to see if it will reset.

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