I'm an idiot and non-fatally put my iPod out of commission

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Okay, feel free to laugh amongst yourselves about how stupid this is, but it happened. One of my friends is really into collecting MP3's (he has about 7-8 GB of them) and he wanted some from my collection. I have a Mac and he has a PC, so I decided to wipe my iPod while keeping my songs intact on my HD, and then transfer all the songs back to the iPod in FW disk mode. I did that successfully. Then I hooked the iPod up to his computer. The computer saw it, but it couldn't read the formatting. It asked if I wanted to reformat it. I thought that I'd be able to reformat it in PC format, and since Macs can usually read PC formatted stuff, I'd just transfer all my songs to it when I went home. But unfortunately, I didn't consider that reformatting it would also wipe the system software. So now I have no way of doing anything with it. I think I'll have to send it in to Apple for them to install system software on it (it's still under warranty for about a month, so I'm not THAT worried). Is there any other way to fix it? Also, in case it matters, I'm currently using a computer that has a FW cardbus instead of a built in FW port, so I have to use forced FW mode (which I can't do). But I suppose it wouldn't recognize a computer with a built in FW port either.


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