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My local PC World has a Phillips DVD burner on special offer £249 inc. VAT.

I've never used iDVD or a DVD burner before. Is it possible to use it like a larger CD-RW drive - ie drag and drop to burn directly from the Finder?

Or is it a little more complicated?

The model number of the drive is DVDRW208K, and it's a DVD+RW drive.

Any comments would be appreciated?


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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Don't buy a DVD+RW drive if you want to use it with Disc Burner or iDVD.

    You'll need a DVD-RW, and most specifically a Pioneer DVR-103 or 104 or A03/A04.
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    roonsterroonster Posts: 57member
    Thanks Eugene, you've saved me from making a costly mistake?

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