Explorer and Netscape are sloooow

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Hope someone can help...I am using a high speed DSL internet connection (Sympatico High Speed) and everything was fine till a few days ago. Now my browsers are super slow to connect to sites. However once I am connected to the site things are speedier.

What I am I doing wrong. I have trashed preferences for the browsers, the high speed access program, TCIP prefs, MacTCP DNR, Norton personal Firewall prefs, reinstalled the browsers, the internet access program, firewall...What am i misising? Help!

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    [quote]Originally posted by GT:

    <strong>What am i misising? Help!

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    Symptoms match those of a problem with DNS.

    Perhaps you primary DNS server is down (or entered incorrectly) and requests to it must time out before moving on to the secondary DNS.

    Try deleting the primary DNS and see if things improve (take a picture of your original settings first).

    Hope this helps.
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    I had a problem similar to this, I contacted my DSL provider, and they provided me a list of additional DNS servers. Everything has been fine since.
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    Thanks to everyone that replied!


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