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Don't know if u guys have already seen it. If not look where it goes.

This is who is registed to, details etc....

<a href="http://amail.co.uk/cgi-bin/adetails.pl?domain=iphone.org&brand=amail"; target="_blank">http://amail.co.uk/cgi-bin/adetails.pl?domain=iphone.org&brand=amail</a>;


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    gamblorgamblor Posts: 446member
    Uh, this is like two year old news... IIRC MOSR wrote up a whole spiel about just what the iPhone was going to be... Typical Meader BS.

    It's nothing. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.
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    cosmocosmo Posts: 662member
    is it just me, or is there always a thread about this started once or twice a year?

    it seems strange that apple keeps renewing this domain...
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    <a href="http://www.mammals.com"; target="_blank">www.mammals.com</a>
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    The ultimate proff that time is circular.
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    nothing to see here.... just apple f***king with fans like us!
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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    [quote]Originally posted by Cosmo:

    <strong>is it just me, or is there always a thread about this started once or twice a year?


    I'd say more like once or twice a quarter!

    Maybe this should be included in the AI posting guidelines.

    “I am aware that <a href="http://www.iphone.org"; target="_blank">www.iphone.org</a> points to Apple.com and that every other member does not need to be reminded of this fact at random intervals throughout the year.”

    J :cool:
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Apple doesn't use ".org". That's mostly, I believe, for governmental, non profit and educational sites.

    [ 03-18-2002: Message edited by: MacsRGood4U ]</p>
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    bellebelle Posts: 1,574member
    Hmm, perhaps it's time to think about resurrecting the AppleInsider FAQ idea...
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    nitridenitride Posts: 100member
    This is simply a side effect of new Mac community members digging around and "discovering" things about Apple that are not obvious.

    I am sure the people over at MacRumors.com were quite surprised that Apple in fact had a handheld computer with real handwriting recognition and intelligent assistance 10 years ago! That really blew some people's minds.

    The Mac fold is constantly churning members in and out, so just say yes we know and move on (or lock the thread so it doesn't keep bubbling up to the top, moderators *ahem*).

    Next someone will resurrect some Apple prototype machine from a Euro design house and trot it around as the missing *****. This is a rumors forum not a reality forum after all.
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    <a href="http://www.mammals.org"; target="_blank">www.mammals.org</a>
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