Apple in court again today to get ban on Galaxy Tab

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Apple still wants ban on Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands

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THE HAGUE - Apple and Samsung are facing each other again Thursday at the Hague court. Apple is still asking for a ban on the Galaxy Tab, accusing Samsung of fabrications that the Galaxy Tab is IPAD-like.

That becomes clear during the hearing which present.

In the plea lawyer drew a lot of leather against Apple Samsung. A judge ruled Hague facility in late August that the Galaxy Tab in the Netherlands is not prohibited on the basis of the design right.

Apple does not agree with the ruling and appealed. According to the company Samsung has limitations in the design of a tablet invented so the Galaxy Tab as much as possible on the iPhone-like.

Moreover, Samsung, according to Apple guilty of "mosaic" of various elements showing that the iPhone is not as new as Apple says the device. The merging of parts of different devices to make a claim in the design right is permitted.


"Samsung states that create square corners unscathed, but that is up. There is no evidence. Out of place, "said the lawyer from Apple. The freedom of design can be limited by technical requirements. According to Apple, with rounded edges that do not.

Also the positioning of components such as cameras and microphones, according to Apple is not a limitation. "That these elements that must match exactly, does not mean that the design and location of pre-determined."


According to Apple, the company has even made concessions to the functionality for the appearance of the iPad. "Apple is a design company first. Its design allows for the functionality. People lie at night in line at Apple Stores because the products are so beautiful, "said the lawyer in his plea.

Apple has decided not border on the tablet to add so the screen is at the same depth as a possible edge. This makes the screen more vulnerable to scratches as the tablet is filed, says Apple.

"The design was much more vulnerable and fragile, not very technical or functional. And so Samsung has no reason to copy it. "


Samsung said in a previous lawsuit, then the Galaxy Tab is not banned, that the design of the iPhone is not as unique as Apple suggests. "Samsung brought before 113 models and many individual elements combined to show that the iPad is not new. That's mosaics and that is not in the model law, "the lawyer from Apple.

The company wants the iPhone and Galaxy Tab 1 to 1 compared. It's the general impression, finds the company. "When comparing the iPhone with a previous devices must also be compared to one." The lawyer is then clear that the Apple tablet is unique.

The lawyer describes the iPad as "a serene pond from which images are conjured up. With a bright surface and very narrow margin. "

Later Thursday, Samsung will make a plea. The judge makes ruling is expected later.

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