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Wondering if anyone has any advice for me as to the best way to rebuild my iTunes library while keeping all my playlists.

Here is what I did so far and would like to do. I built an excel spreadsheet with all the songs of each playlist. Each excel file has a column for Name, Artist, Album. I figured this was good enough for information.

What I would like to do is re-import all of my songs into a new iTunes library so that I have no duplicates etc.. and have a clean library. Then I would like to re-create each playlist that I have. Now comes the difficult part of having each playlists match up to the list I built in excel for each playlist.

Is there a way to have iTunes find the songs my my excel list or something and then populate the playlists accordingly while grabbing the songs from the main library?

If you have any advice as to how best to do this that would be great.



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    Originally Posted by dage007 View Post

    If you have any advice as to how best to do this that would be great

    Automator can add playlists and songs to those playlists. You should be able to extract the data from the CSV using Applescript:

    Then pass the list of data into the Automator action.
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