Reloading Help Needed.

in macOS edited January 2014
I haven't reloaded my iMac since they switched to Intel chips years ago. I've had several iMacs since then, but I've always just migrated over.

Over the last few years, my organizational skills decreased and now I have a small mess.

I'm going to reload the iMac next week.

My plan is to make a Super Duper AND a Carbon Copy Cloner on to 2 different external hard drives that I have laying around. Yes, I know it's redundant, but I don't want to lose anything.

Then, I'll reload the iMac with all of my apps and will start over.

I'm only concerned about my iTunes library. My iPhoto library will be starting out fresh for 2012. All photos are already stored elsewhere.

I'm not sure how to get my iTunes library back into my newly reloaded system, but it should be a simple Google search to figure that out.

I also need to deauthorize my CS3, at least I think that I do.

Am I forgetting anything?
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