HD (air quality) video camera needed

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I use imovie 9 and run OS 10 6.8 (plan on going to OS 10.7 sometime in the future) getting Final Cut ProX...

It is time to get a air quality HD video camera that is good enough to air on tv yet that is not in the $1000's...My camera uses DV tapes which are not expensive...I like to have footage save for future use in case I need it but HD takes so much space and SD cards are very expensive...to what id the best camera for cost and air quality and keeping footage...needs to work on iMovie and the new final cut X



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    No way are you going to get a (broadcast, I assume) camera of that quality for less than $1,000. You can EASILY get a camera whose content will look GOOD on TV for less than $1,000, though.
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    so what one works?

    I will get a better one when I can afford it but have to start small...
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