Samsung Series 7 (700Z)

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Samsung has went crazy with the photocopier again.

Even the lip where you place your finger under the screen to open the lid is identical in size and shape, same with the font on the keyboard.

Doesn't really help their copy-cat image, me thinks.


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    Originally Posted by The Article

    The cutout on the leading-edge to let you open the lid is identical, both in size and design.

    I just can't stop laughing.

    Doesn't Apple have that patented? Or at least under some sort of legal protection as per one of their designs? Seriously, Samsung, you can fritter around in the mobile realm all you want, but if you steal a computer design, you're not going to be winning.
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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    I just can't stop laughing.

    That was my response.
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