B&W G3 Video Card Upgrade?

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Been doing some work here on my old Blue n' White G3. It's a 450 MHz with the Rev. 2 motherboard, a new 80GB drive, and 768MB RAM. Now, I just installed OSX.1.5 and i'd like a little more performance from the video subsystem (it has a Rage 128).

Different sites have different info on what AGP cards can work in a G3. Has anybody here upgraded? I'd like something that will work with Quartz Extreme (GF2MX,3,4 or Radeon AGP). What are my options? Do I need to buy a Mac version of a card for it to work properly?


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    fotnsfotns Posts: 301member
    Well, for starters you would have to get a Mac with AGP. Your blue and white has a pci video card.
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    hegorhegor Posts: 160member
    Radeon Mac Edition 7000 PCI. Can support two diplays but it has no T & L engine.

    Radeon Mac Edition PCI. The original one. Its not manufactured anymore, but it has a T & L engine. It only supports one display.
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    sorry- should have opened up the damn thing before posting... could have sworn i had AGP in this thing. must be confusing it with the PC that spends more time apart than working

    looks like Quartz Extreme is out of the running... but the radeon PCI will do nicely, as i have a spare 19" monitor here (again, from the PC) that will give me a metric s***load of desktop space with the 19" already hooked up to this thing.

    thanks folks.
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