unmount an unmounted image?

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Its happened to me a few times. There are times an image file does not work, so I try and skip the verification and it asks me if I want to continue (OS X) so I say yes. Nothing happens, nothing mounts, etc.

If I then try and throw away the image file, OS says I cant because its in use

What do I do? Just restart the Finder? This is so damn annoying.


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    buisbuis Posts: 30member
    This may not be a lot of help, but you are not crazy. It happened to me too.

    I moved to a new computer though (from G4 800MP to iMac 233) and haven't had the problem since. I'm also running 10.1.5

    You can turn off verification in the Disk Copy preferences, so you won't have to click the 'skip' button every time. Maybe Disk Copy is sensitive to being clicked on during verification...
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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    I've seen phantom "used files" on network drives, too. Apparently, it's not just limited to disk images. Restarting does work, but that's a pain. You can also try to use your handy UNIX skills to remove the file from your drive. Try "rm -f filename.img". If that doesn't work, try to su to root "su root" or just "su". Then repeat the command.

    If you have a network drive that won't go away, you can also try unmounting that from the command line, or you can look through the processes ("ps -aux" or "ps -aux | grep pattern" to find all lines with "pattern" in them, useful when you know what you're looking for). If you find something that looks suspicously like its running from your network drive or disk image, do a "kill pid" where pid is the process ID that you found earlier. I'm not sure how you would tell other than trial and error, but it sounds like it might be the same every time, so once you found it, you could even write a shellscript that could unmount the drive (though this is beyond my UNIX skills at the moment). Good luck!
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