Which one controls printer? Driver or cable software

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I'm looking to pickup a PowerPrint or Belkin USB to Parallel cable to hook up my old HP 4MP printer to my new iMac.

But both (I think) don't support OSX with the software provided with these cables.

However, HP has an OSX driver for this printer.

So will this work? or do the software for the cable need to be OSX compliant too?


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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    well, the printer drivers (from hp) will werk once you have an established connection. if the transceiver doesn't have OSX drivers you wont have an established connection in x. you may be able to print from within classic, but not likely in x. you may wanna look around for other convertors from parallel to usb (or to firewire, or to something else?) with osx drivers.
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    satchmosatchmo Posts: 2,699member
    Thanks. I was afraid someone was going to say something like that.

    Maybe I'll go the route of an ethernet print server to guarantee OSX compatability. Although that means getting a hub and a separate server which I guess is not cheap.

    I wish Belkin and Strydent get crackin' on updating their drivers to OSX soon.
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