Replacement for iDisk and iOS email full content search?

in iCloud edited January 2014
I use iDisk a lot. It allows me to build some simple HTML documents containing a few images and links to PDF files, movie clips etc. and I can upload all of them via the Finder.

And those HTML pages are hosted for anyone to view on the web via a simple browser.

It's really convenient. No need to sign up for any 3rd party web hosting. No need to use any clumsy web-based file-uploads or clumsy 3rd party FTP apps. It's all there in the Finder and works like any other folder.

I like that ease of use.

Moving to iCloud I will lose all that. Not good.

Does anyone know of a substitute that is as simple and convenient to use as iDisk?

And hosts those HTML docs on the web (plus supplementary content).

It's all nice to have emails on the iCloud but the one feature that keeps me from ditching my Mac for an iOS device with iCloud is full content instant search of all my emails.

I rarely search for sender, receiver or subject line. Way too limiting. I really need to search the content itself. And that search needs to be fast and across all my emails. At least all the ones from the last 2-3 years.

On a 64GB iPad I don't see why I cannot store more than the last 200 emails locally. How about 10,000 emails as an upper limit? An iPad should be able to build an index for fast content search too, no?

Apart from the built-in mail client is there any other email client for the iPad that can handle 10,000+ emails and offer fast full content search?

If not, the next iPad is probably going to be a MacBook Air (without iCloud)...
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