Can someone help me,please?

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
hi.. I have lot's of apps.

One of the few features that i dislike in OSX is the launchpad.

Don't get me wrong, i see launchpad as a great thing but it has some "errors".

first of all:

for some strange reason, apps will randomly change their places. why? i still cannot fix this.

I reorganized my app folder (not launchpad) and everything (in the app folder) is organized (microsoft apps all in one folder, autodesk in another, media appls in another, apple apps like launchpad and dashborad in another, internet apps etc). however, when i open the launchpad i have 2 safari apps, 2 quicktime apps, 2 appstore apps and 2 itunes apps.

why? i changed permissions in order to be able to move "native" apps to another folder "in" the main app folder.

how can i fix this little but annoying inconvinient? thank you.
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