Still in pain printing

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I use a PB G3 400 (scsi) with 256mo

I print home on an HP 2100 (ethernet, hub, adsl), everything is fine

I print at work on an HP 2100 (ethernet, NT network, cable)

- everything is fine if i start under os 9 (office 2001)

- everything is fine if i print under classic (office 2001)

- It's horrible as soon as I use os X (any apps from office X to preview, TextEdit and so on) : takes minutes, not all the pages printed, generally the last one is not printed.

Other Mac such as Titanium and X works fine even on the same cable/plug than the one i use.

That's it, I have the same problem in an other office (I don't know precisely which kind of network but according to me it's 100% Mac) and It's the same from september, the time I install os X with my regular installation disk and all the upgrades (10.1.5 today)

Thanks for your genius help


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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    I'd recommend the standard trashing preferences and optimizing disks routine. You'll want to get rid of Print Center and Microsoft Word v.X preferences (or at least move them for a bit to see if they're the problem). For optimization, I'd recommend Alsoft's PlusOptimizer, which comes on a CD with DiskWarrior (you might also want to rebuild your disks with DiskWarrior, for good measure). Best of luck, wish I could help more, but I haven't seen anything similar at my house (no network printers, HP LPRs don't seem to have any print servers to go with them).
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