Strange behavior with attachments

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed a strange caching issue with attachments opened from a draft e-mail message in

Try this:

1. Create a short Word or TextEdit doc. Save and close this doc.

2. Open and create a new message.

3. Attach the doc you just created.

4. Click the hyperlink for the attached document to open it up.

5. Add to or change the text of the doc.

6. Select "Save As," navigate to the location where you originally saved the doc, and replace it with the new, edited version.

7. Switch back to and remove the attachment by highlighting it and hitting the delete key.

8. Re-attach the new, edited document

9. Click the hyperlink. When I do this, the version of the document I see is the old, cached version without the edits I made in step 5 above. I haven't confirmed yet whether it just *displays* this cached version, or whether it actually sends the old version of the attachment with the e-mail.


I checked Apple's support center, but didn't see any mention of this.
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