ATI Radeon ROM Flashing Utility

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I currently own a G4 466 with a Rage 128 graphics card.

Does anyone know where I can find the software need to "flash" a PC Radeon 8500 card to work on a Mac?

If you could help, that'd be just awesome!


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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
    check out the <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> web boards.
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    Did you find anything?

    I would like to use my PC's Rad7.5k/DDR on my G4/DA and am looking for a ROM utility [e.g., ATI's 2002 ROM updater] . . .

    Has anyone else tried this? It apparently works on the Rad7k . . . I figure I have about a 50/50 chance of success or killing the card.
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    i have tried and killed my card. well its not completely dead, just unflashable. As of now the upadters that i have found will not flash the card because there is no current ROM in the card. Somehow when i flashed the card it took the room out but didnt replace it with the one i specified, the mac version of the rom. BTW there is a german website, like maclife or something like that. They have this huge thread about a guy flashing a radeon. they have steps for most radeon models. But I dont think they got the 7500 to work. 7000 yes, 8500 yes, and i think they even got a 9000, but its been awhile. I dont have the site bookmarked nemore so i really cant tell you as of yet. Ill be back tom with the link though.
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