STOP THE PRESSES: Native Xcode Apps Is The Way To Go

in iPad edited January 2014
Ladies and Gents, I just wanted to say, after spending the whole of 2011 looking at Flash, Corona, Javascript, JQuery, Sencha, Game Salad and who knows what else...

For iPad, native Xcode is the way to go. Or, I strongly recommend biting the bullet and diving right in. Corona and Sencha are impressive but unless you have specific advantages with it, if you are not making games, start with native Xcode, and grow from there. You'll be a little seedling struggling in the hot sunlight but in time, I think you can grow further. Xcode 4 has also added "Storyboarding" which is like Flash scenes. So as Xcode IDE and iOS SDKs improve (gestures just a few years ago was incredibly hard to implement, as I understand)... Things will get better. Just look at the first web page compared to now, people just using Facebook as their website. With WordPress, you don't even need to do much at all to get some nice themes, plugins and so on.

I finally managed to create a dinky little app for my iPad 2 (not App Store, just locally tested), and... it's worth it.

Book recommended: iPad iOS 5 Development Essentials by Neil Smyth. He's quite a good writer, he introduces some concepts on why you're doing something then gives you a confidence-building example. Even this book is really just "essentials", but you get a good feel of the "Apple way" of programming. Almost, a little peek into The Apple Philosophy Of Programming Everything.

As for Flash, we had some good times, but, good night and good bye. Though I forsee a MASSIVE market for any advanced iOS developer with Flash experience to run "Conversion Courses" for Flash designers and developers... Free idea for you to use: call it "iOS Rehab For Flash Addicts".
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