RAM memory speed! Need an Advice!

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Hi guys,

I need a purchasing advice.

I use my computer to run scientific models. Optimization algorithms to maximize or minimize big functions. Although processing power (CPU) is a big issue in terms of performance of algorithms, for the algorithms that I work with it is not, actually they are more dependent on RAM memory read and write speeds. For example I create a variable as a LARGE memory array and I aways have to go in a specific blocks of this array, check a value or replace it. There isn,t big calculations to do, but a lot of read and write in the RAM memory.

So I was thinking in buy a new computer because mine is already showing signs of slowness when I am dealing with big models.

my current computer is a:

Macbook pro 13 mid 2010

Intel core2Duo 2.4 ghz, 4 Gb of Ram clocked at 1067 Mhz, nvidia 320.

I could not find on the internet any comparison of current MacBooks (using sandy bridge CPUS and accordingly new chipsets and fast memory) with these using Core2Duo in terms of memory speed and bandwidth. I know that Sandra benchmark software do this but I could not find a comparison.

Anyone who knows this can tell me if I will get a big improve purchasing a new macbook or in terms of memory access speed there will be no big difference.

thanks in advance
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