older dye-sub supplies?

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I am presently the owner of a NewGen ChromaxPro. I purchased the unit used (350 prints on it) about 6 months ago, and have been very happy/impressed with the prints it makes.

Unfortunately, the printer came with 1 new roll of dye-film and 1/2 used roll, and I now find myself in need of more. I understand that it's no longer being made for this unit in particular, but do can you suggest anybody who still carries old stock? Failing that, there seems to be rolls available for many other machines - would another company's rolls be compatible (say, Fuji, Agfa, Minolta , or even Seiko)? This would be optimum, as I would then be assured of being able to get more later.

[quote] NewGen ships tabloid dye-sub printer

NewGen has begun shipping its Chromax dye-sublimation printer, an A3-size unit featuring 300-dpi resolution, a 170-MB internal disk, 48 MB of RAM and DayStar Digital?s ColorMatch software, which is based on Kodak?s KCMS Color Management System.

The machine, introduced at the Cebit show in Germany in March, uses a Minolta 985-K2 engine with a 33-MHz AMD 29030 RISC processor in the PostScript RIP. It supports a variety of ink ribbons, enabling four-color, three-color and black printing.

Engine speed is rated at seven minutes and 20 seconds for a four-color A3 sheet, 5:32 for a three-color A3 sheet, 3:50 for a four-color letter and 2:55 for a three-color letter.

Other features include automatic switching between serial, parallel, SCSI-II and LocalTalk ports; full-bleed printing; and a cost of $6.50 per page. The list price for the machine is $15,995.

Peter E. Dyson and Arlene E. Karsh <hr></blockquote>

Failing that, does anybody know of any other dye-sub that uses this print engine? They should be interchangable in that case.

Any help and/or leads you can give me would be greatly appreciated, as I am having a very difficult time finding anybody who even knows of the unit.
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