Problems changing burners in iTunes

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Hi guys, hope someone can help me with this. I am using OS X 10.1.5 and my iomega Zip CD 650 died on me, so I replaced it with a Freecom Portable. On plugging it in to the hub, Toast recognised it immediately. The problem came when trying to select it in iTunes, which still showed the iomega zip. I was given no option to select a different burner in the preferences. I tried trashing all preferences I could find concerning iTunes or iomega, but didn't make a difference. I eventually found another folder with iTunes preferences in it (can't remember where it was now), trashed that too and even installed a fresh copy of iTunes. On starting up the new copy the iomega burner no longer shows, but now it says no supported burners found! I know my burner is supported, it's listed on the Apple web site. How on earth can I get my new burner to show in iTunes? I've tried the Apple forums but with no success, so I'm turning to some Geniuses for insiration now!!

Help please!!!



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    which versions of iTunes and Toast? os9 or X?

    the 2.0.4 version of iTunes included support for more burners (and rumour has it that MWNY next wednesday will include the announcement of iTunes 3 - support for AAC/Mpeg4 - if you can wait)

    the iTunes burning extension (v1.1) had a known conflict with Toast.

    in order to solve this, (in OS9) create a duplicate of the startup set in Extensions manager called "toastyburn" and uncheck all of the itunes extensions [view as package to simplify finding all the related bits]

    similarly, you could create an "itunesburn" set which included the iTunes extensions but specifically disabled the Toast ones.

    then each restart you could pick which burner config to boot into. (not elegant but effective)

    osX is probably more of a case for toast, at least until more "drivers" for disc burner ship

    but if Toast works, why sweat iTunes burning?

    Toast is far more powerful and customizable for more formats, allows multisession RW that the default Disc Burner won't (though apparently a new utility/shareware/update will now support multisession RW at OS level if your drive supports it). Toast will also recognize more burners than iTunes...

    are we missing a reason you need iTunes?

    hope this helps
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    Thanks for the reply, I was begining to think I was invisible-3 seperate forums and this is the first reply!! As I said in my original post, I'm running OS X 10.1.5, but I forgot to mention it was iTunes v.2.0.4, so the extensions conflict isn't an issue. I hear what your saying about Toast being more versatile and I agree, but you know sometimes when something stumps you, you just have to find an answer? Well that's the way this little problem's got me! It's like having an itch you've just got to scratch, i'd just like to solve it for peace of mind. Maybe I'll just sit tight and hope the rumors about iTunes 3 are true and I'll just download the new version.

    Thanks again for replying, I appreciate the effort.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    no prob

    i've also seen some postings about questionable compatability and performance of some Freecom units, so it's possible it's just chintzy manufacturing or poor components.

    likely not helpful news... ymmv

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    I've actually no complaints about the Freecome re-writer. It does the job, and with buffer under run protection I can burn at the max (4x) speed with no problems, something I could rarely do with the iomega zip. As you said earlier, it's probably best to wait to see if a version 3 of iTunes surfaces next week! Thanks again!
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