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I downloaded the GoLive 6 trial last month, never used it because I had to send my powerbook away to get upgraded. Now it tells me that the trial has expired. Is there anyway to delete a pref or something so I can actually try it. I really want to try it before I purchase it.

I dl'ed the installer again and erased as much as I could find on the HD, but no dice.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    You might try emailing Adobe and asking if they'll reset your timeline. Explain what happened and they may help out. If they won't, you might try starting up off a CD, or maybe making a RAM Disk, copying system software to that, installing GoLive there, and unmounting your physical HD.

    Keep in mind that the timeout is designed as an incentive to buy the software, rather than just use the demo forever. As such, Adobe probably didn't bother to cover the scenarios that would be so amazingly annoying to use that people would buy the product anyway. You, being in a rather unique position, may be able to benefit from that.
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    just set back your date for your computer...worth a shot anyway.
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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    I can't believe I forgot about that one... Chances are pretty decent that it'll work. Make sure to set the date to AFTER you installed but BEFORE it expired though. And turn off the time server syncing.
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    Thanks guys... Setting back the clock was no dice. I will email adobe tomorrow. It does suck that I really wanna try the product, not just constantly reinstall a trial version. I guess I'm in one of those situations...

    Thanks again.
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    jregojrego Posts: 56member
    Hey, if that doesn't work, go to your neighborhood Apple Store . They've got machines there that you can use, just install the demo and play with it. The machines get fresh images every night, so the time limit won't matter. Also, they may actually have a full version already. If you don't live near an Apple Store, a friend might be able to help or something (or you could use a spare comp).
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