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Hello! Here is my problem/question: I am working in a small-business setting with a limited budget and looking for a relatively simple, easy to operate project management package for a Mac 0S 9; i.e. project tracking, Gantt charts, etc. If the project management tools need to piggyback on a PIM shell or some other type of application, so be it. I've been looking at two packages in particular, Fast Track Schedule 7.0 and Chronos Group Organizer, the latter being materially cheaper yet quite superfluous for my needs. Does anyone have any input/insight regarding these packages? Pros/Cons? Good features/missing features? Also, does anyone have any alternate suggestions/solutions to address my needs? Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration.


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    I suggest going to X as soon as Jaguar comes out and looking for a package that runs on X.OS 9 is slowly dying and the performance advantages it once had,it will no longer have,come MWNY.
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