Macbook Pro / Air Multitouch Trackpad Unleashed in BC!

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Pals, a happy man is writing

Did you know (I bet you didn't ) that almost all of the multi-finger gestures, and all the stuff I normally find in OS X is now available in Boot Camp! Not with the Boot Camp-native drivers, though, rather I use some alternate new driver written by some geek over the Apple forums... And this driver works beautifully! But what I'm very curious of, there are no reviews and almost no news about this alternate trackpad driver on the web! Maybe Apple is deleting the links to have the people stick with ultra-buggy BC drivers to avoid using Windows on MBA/MBP?




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    So instead of actually posting the link, you write some nonsense about "Apple deleting it from the web".

    Leading everyone to believe you're just making crap up in the first place?
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    Ahh... Nevermind, this is how I do it all my life Being serious: now I don't think Apple is really deleting anything, but I still do think this software is actually destroying Apple's plans to torture Windows users with the buggy and non-functional trackpad driver You know, with this new driver all the swiping and even windows switching with 4 fingers works like a charm on Seven... It's called Trackpad++, just go google for it. Coz you know, Mike is never posting the links
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